Using tax-free dollars is the smarter way to pay medical expenses
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Both your company and your company's employees will enjoy having more money by using YourFlex to take advantage of recent IRS tax laws. See how here.
Offer a Benefit Solutions YourFlex flexible spending account today and help your employees pay for their health-related insurance premiums, unreimbursed medical costs and even child and dependent care costs using tax-free dollars. Email or call 804-379-0909.
As if things weren't easy enough, YourFlex can also offer customers a MasterCardDebit Card to help expedite access to Medical Reimbursement Accounts (FSA), Dependent Care Reimbursement Accounts (FSA), Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA). Learn more here.

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a flex plan for your organization
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Premium ConversionWith a YourFlex Premium Conversion Plan employees pay for many types of group insurance on a pre-tax basis: medical, dental, vision, cancer, etc. Get all of the details here.

With a Medical Care Reimbursement AccountMedical Care Reimbursement employees can pay for out of pocket expenses such as medical deductibles and co-pays, glasses and contacts lens, physical therapy, dental check-ups, and therapy. Accounts focusing on vision and dental are available. Learn more.

Dependant CareEmployees can use pretax dollars to pay qualified expenses for dependent care. This includes payments for childcare or babysitting as well as care for a disabled spouse or dependent living in the home. Learn more.

Private Premium
Private Premium Accounts can help employees use pre-tax dollars to pay for some privately-owned (non-group) health insurance plans. Get the details here.

Health Reimbursement Accounts
An employer-sponsored plan, YourFlex HRAs are added where companies seek to offset health plan deductibles, providing a real benefit. Go here for more information.


Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) allow your employees to pay family medical bills with tax-free dollars. Available to individuals from or through participating employers. Learn more here.

 Benefit Solutions is the trusted expert

 in flexible benefit plan design and administration

Benefit Solutions, Inc. helps create customized health plans for companies looking to provide the benefits of spending tax-free to their employees. In most cases, the companies' employees not only benefit significantly, but participating companies save money as well.
Whether you are new to flex plans, changing or updating a plan or need better provider services, Benefit Solutions will clearly outline all the options for your company. Knowing how in-house admin is a cost and management concern, Benefit Solutions performs all the required legal paperwork. 
Email for details on how you can easily save both your employees and your company money. Find out more about Benefit Solutions here.
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